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catch me, I'm falling

faster than anyone should

Gretchen Podmore
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Gretchen Fausta Podmore (née Jones).

Born - 13 February 1956.
Raised - Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom.
Blood - Half.
Schooled - Ravenclaw, Class of 1974.
Now Living - Clapham, London, England.
Working - Mediwitch in the Creature Induced Injuries Ward of St. Mungo's -- Healer trainee.
Family - Icarus (father) and Elysia (mother). Cyrano (estranged older brother) and Miranda (older sister, deceased). See Jones for further relatives.
Marital - Married to Sturgis Podmore.
Otherwise - Newly married and a new Healer trainee, she's moving forward and trying not to look back more than absolutely necessary.

"He who has a why can endure any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche

OOC - Not Gretchen. / Not Rose. / Not JK Rowling.
Journal titles from "Catch Me, I'm Falling" by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey.
The person(s) and situations portrayed in this journal are fictional.